Anna Santoro

Water Girl

Haleiwa, Hawaii

When not in the sea or slingin' kinis, Anna Santoro can be found practicing yoga, tearing up the dance floor or traveling the world…all of which fulfill her soul’s desires. She is a sea lover who grew up close to the San Diego shoreline and spent every waking moment of her childhood playing in the water. She loved the outdoors and began playing water polo and surfing as a teenager. Anna’s passion continued to grow and in 2011 she moved to the North Shore of Oahu in pursuit of warmer seas. She worked as a Physical Therapist Assistant and spent all of her free time in the ocean soaking up the beauty of the Hawaiian waters.

Website:  Anna Santoro

Career Highlights

Anna spends her day test driving new suits for Jolyn and traveling the world spreading the stoke to everyone around her. 

Every day for this girl is a highlight real!


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