Ryan Petry

Professional Mountain Biker

Boulder, Colorado

At 20 years old Ryan raced in his first mountain bike race as an amateur. Mountain biking was simply a hobby while he was training as a triathlete, with the hopes of turning pro. With his love for the mountains he shifted over to professional XTERRA racing in 2013. Showing signs of a massive engine on the bike, Ryan decided to solely focus on the bike and in 2015 went pro in mountain biking. Petry now lives in Boulder, CO where he’s able to train with the best cyclists in the sport and live a lifestyle that supports his passion.

Websites: Petrys Pulse , Representation

Career Highlights

3rd at 2014 Leadville SilverRush 50

11th at first attempt at legendary Leadville 10

1st at 2015 Leadville SilverRush 50

7th at 2015 Leadville 100


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