Milano Sanremo

New for 2017, EC is going to create an original graphic for each of the 5 Monuments of cycling, as well as, a few more favorites of the cycling season.  First up is the launch of the Spring Classics, or Thee Spring Classic, Milano Sanremo.

"La Classicissima"  is the annual bike race from Milan to Sanremo (MSR) in Northwest Italy. The longest one-day race on the schedule at 298km, the event was first held in 1907 and is considered to be the first major classic event of the pro cycling season.  It probably comes as no surprise that Eddy Merckx holds the record with 7 victories.  Was there anything that guy couldn't win?

Although it is considered to be a race for the sprinters, we love it when a small group or lone rider launch an attack on the Cipressa or Poggio and ride solo to the end. With that in mind, we created our Milano Sanremo graphic. The lone rider out in front with the neutral support vehicle heading towards the finish. Racing along the coast, we added gulls and the sun on it's way down, signifying just how long of a day in the saddle it is at MSR.  A colorful graphic screened with a soft touch on our ridiculously soft heathered grass-stain color t-shirt.  Sure to be a monument of the EC Collection.

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EC for Backcountry Film Festival 2017

The Backcountry Film Festival is produced each year by Winter Wildlands Alliance as a celebration of the human-powered experience and a gathering place for the backcountry snowsports community. Winter Wildlands Alliance is a nonprofit organization working at the national level to inspire and educate the backcountry community to protect and care for their winter landscapes. Funds raised at each screening stay in the local community to support human-powered recreation and conservation efforts, winter education and avalanche/safety programs and to raise awareness of winter management issues.

The 2016-2017 Backcountry Film Festival will tour more than 100 cities from mid-November to late March. Immerse yourself in a night of films that capture the spirit of winter. Adventure, environment and climate, youth outdoors, ski culture- you’ll find it all in this award winning lineup. Find a screening in your town by visiting the Tour Schedule at

Sponsored by CLIF Bar, Backcountry Magazine, Black Diamond, Dynafit, Mountain Khakis, Ambler, DPS Skis, Outdoor Research, Voile, Yaktrax, Atlas SnowShoe Company, Goal Zero, Native Eyewear, Alpine Start Foods, Endurance Conspiracy


Shop our online store for some of the cool posters we've created to support this awesome project about the human powered experience!

Chad Campbell / Kona Surf Film Festival

We're stoked to have so many cool friends in the outdoors industry. Over the past few years we've been lucky enough to call the folks at the Kona Surf Film Festival our friends.  More than that, we've played a part in this amazing festival by providing graphics for the event year after year.

Many of our friends have been to "the show" on the Big Island of Kona, but many probably have never visited for other events.  Every January since 2003 Chad Campbell and his family have been putting together the Kona Surf Film Festival, sharing amazing films, live music, locally created arts and crafts and more, all by like-minded, ocean-loving individuals.  It's well worth an extended weekend to the big island and a chance to expand one's adventure pallet.  

For more about Chad, check out his EC Ambassador page (yep, he's that cool!). Truly a special dude - hip-hop recording artist, Tavarua boatman, surfer, film maker (Surf Film of the Year in 2007), yoga instructor...oh, and his sister, Keli, has her own apparel line as well - Tom Boy Bomb Shell


Official Weekend Playlist: 80's Style

It’s that time for a new EC Playlist. The best selection of songs, lovingly compiled by your favorite brand for your listening pleasure! This week on Your Official Weekend Playlist, we feature the groundbreaking, favorite psych-up tunes from the 80's. Let us know what we missed...


EC for BFGoodrich

Endurance Conspiracy is excited to be producing a line of graphic tees based around the history of American icon, BFGoodrich.  Why you ask?  Well, the short answer is that we were originally attracted to them because of their long history in the bicycle industry. But, once you realize just how intertwined this brand is with Americana, there is a much bigger story to tell. We look forward to sharing more of this incredible brand and it's American heritage with our fans in the future.

Benjamin Franklin Goodrich started as a Union surgeon during the Civil War. After the war, he teamed up with John P. Morris and they invested in the Hudson River Rubber Company. Their first product was a cotton-covered fire hose.  During the 1880's, Goodrich produced a solid band rubber tire for bicycles. In 1890, the pneumatic tire was developed, providing greater cyclist comfort, and the Goodrich company cashed in on the growing popularity of cycling.

In the 1930s, The Schwinn Bicycle Company offered a line of their high end bikes to a few independent dealers in the U.S., among them the B.F. Goodrich auto store chain.  Goodrich was so impressed with the bikes that they eventually partnered with Schwinn on a line of private label bikes. Goodrich remained in the bike business until 1960 when it sold back to Schwinn.

Joe Breeze, one of the originators of the Mountain Bike along with Gary Fisher, Charlie Kelly and Tom Ritchey,  riding his modified 1941 Schwinn B.F. Goodrich in 1973 Marin County, California.  The pre-war Schwinn's were considered the best handling of the old bikes and were ideally suited to this new style of off-road riding with their slack geometry and high bottom bracket.

Although most well known for it's contributions to the car industry, BFGoodrich has made several significant contributions to American manufacturing history.  From fitting Charles Lindbergh's "Spirit of St. Louis" for his inaugural flight across the Atlantic to fitting the Columbia Space Shuttle in the 1970's.  Additionally, BFGoodrich is also credited for introducing the rubber-wound golf ball, the first pressurized space suit and the use of synthetic rubber.  They even had their own line of sneakers - PF Flyer, and were the original producers of the popular Jack Purcell sneakers before selling to Converse.

In 1947, BFGoodrich developed the first tubeless tire in the United States. The tubeless tire eliminate the need for an inner tube, which improves performance and safety, as well as enhanced comfort for the car´s occupants.  BFGoodrich produced the first radial tires in the United States in 1965. This innovation made tires even safer as the radial type tire have longer tread life and permit better absorption of road bumps.  

From a performance standpoint, BFGoodrich has been instrumental in winning everything from the Indianapolis 500 to the Baja 1000.  Their legendary BFG Radial T/A Tire has become the top pick for muscle cars and hot rods because of its long-standing heritage in the automotive aftermarket.

For more information about BFGoodrich, go to BFGoodrich Tires

For more information about BFGoodrich Racing go to BFGoodrich Racing

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EC Travel Playlist

With the Endurance Conspiracy crew and our Ambassadors traveling so much during the Summer months, we put together a little travel playlist with some chill summer tunes to keep things mellow on the road.  We're stoked that we've gotten to call some of these artists friends over the years - enjoy!  Feel free to share your mixes with us as there's still a lot of travel left in the year.


Circuit of the Deadmen

Yeah, we really like this one. We keep coming back to it...t-shirt, cycling kit and now an amazing poster.  This is a quality print worth framing and hanging in the man-cave or the office. The story alone is worth it.  When we originally came across the story detailing the introduction of the high mountain peaks to the Tour de France, it immediately touched a nerve. Anytime we can combine two of our favorite subject matters - music and cycling - into a single project, we know we're onto something that will resonate with our fans.

The Tour de France was first organized in 1903 and is one of the most popular and prestigious events in cycling, but the 1910 Tour, only the 8th edition of the race, is considered one of the most grueling to this day. 

Henri Degrange, the originator of the Tour De France, once said that the ideal tour would be one in which only one cyclist finished. With 15 stages covering 4,737 kilometers and an average distance of 300 km per stage, many believed that the 8th edition of the race in 1910 could be that Tour. This would also be the first tour to climb the high mountains of the Pyrenees.

The 10th stage, to be run on July 21st, was 326 km long and climbed several formidable peaks including the Tourmalet and the Aubisque. In the spring, Degrange sent out a scout to check the road over the Tourmalet. When the scout had driven as far as the road could take him, he began to walk. After becoming lost in the snow, falling down a ravine and being rescued by nearby villagers, the scout reported back, "The road is perfectly passable and shouldn’t present any undue issues.”

On the morning of July 21st, Henri Degrange was nowhere to be seen - he’d surrendered oversight of the stage to an assistant to avoid confrontations with disgruntled riders.


On the climb of the Aubisque, still with 150 km to ride, a journalist asked eventual winner Octave Lapize how he was doing, to which he replied, “Assassins!”. He planned to abandon once he completed the descent but somehow recovered and went on to win the stage.

Not only was this stage over 200 miles, longer than modern stages, but it climbed nearly 25,000 feet and it was also many years before derailleurs were allowed so the only gear change was flipping the wheel for a different cog. Lapize went on to win the Tour.

While the Tour de France included the Alps the next year, the 1910 Tour de France stands out as one of the most brutal races ever. Truly a “Circuit of the Deadmen”.


Proof Eyewear has landed at the EC Shop



Endurance Conspiracy is stoked to now carry handmade eyewear and accessories from our good friends at Proof.  They were founded by 3 brothers from Boise, Idaho in 2010, with a rich history dating back to 1954 with their original roots in the sawmill industry.


Check out their story here:

At Endurance Conspiracy we love a good story behind a product.  Well. let's be honest we just really like a good story! And our retail shop is always on the lookout for complimentary gear to add to our assortment.  Stop by the EC Boulder Shop and try on a truly unique and sustainably made pair of sunglasses to look good and feel all warm and fuzzy this summer.

They also make some really cool multitools for cutting, carving, opening and just generally looking like you know what you're doing in or out of the woods.

Can't make it in the store?  No worries, interweb friends...check out the line up close and personal here for sunglasses and here for sweet multitools!



What makes ART cool; again?

Art: /ärt/
The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.  Subjects of study primarily concerned with the processes and products of human creativity and social life, such as languages, literature, and history (as contrasted with scientific or technical subjects).

-Tony Deboom hard at "work"

Being a small company we got to thinking; what makes us unique in a world of stamped out images and self proclaimed digital artists?

When you purchase an item from Endurance Conspiracy, you're investing in a unique hand crafted design that comes from our passions in the endurance sports world.  Sure, we race hard, but we rest just as hard too.  When we take our inspiration from the activities we seek and enjoy; we're creating a brand that wholeheartedly pays homage to our roots in competitive triathlon, rich cycling history, running, surf, pop-culture, music and movies.

We also take our impact on the community seriously and strive to create an experience in both our products and customer interactions that are unmatched in the industry.

2016 has been an interesting year of evolving our brand to the trends in the marketplace and staying ahead of the curve.  With an exciting retail channel on Pearl Street in arguably one of the country's top meccas for athletes; we are stoked to showcase our "feel" that many of our loyal and new fans have come to expect.  Stepping into the Boulder store is a little like a "time-warp/vintage/barn find" with eclectic re-purposed fixtures adorned with our own products and those from our good friends at Green Guru and Indosole.  Go ahead..touch our shirts; we dare ya!

-A peak into the EC Boulder store

Secondly; our Custom and Private Label efforts for Key Accounts is really catching some serious speed!  Here are just a few examples to showcase some of the ways in which we flex our skills:

  1. Custom logo and bike graphic design: NDVR Bicycles
  2. Artwork for movies and music: Backcountry Film Festival
  3. Collaborations with high end technical clothing: Giordana Cycling

Lastly; our fans and customers are what make Endurance Conspiracy what it was back in 2009 and what it will continue to be.  You, yes you and your individual adventurous pursuits are what drive us to pedal harder, kick more dirt and chill with the best of them.  So, a mind full of ART; thank you from the EC Team for inspiring us to continue to create.





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