3 Songs That Define You

I thought it would be interesting to ask our EC readers to pick 3 songs (any genre) that you feel most accurately represent you or your persona. Make your case as to why also.

Now, reducing your life down to just three songs is a tough chore by any stretch. So many amazing songs and artists to pick from…what artists are worthy of making a top 3 life defining list of tunes? Obviously, you have your current mixes of favorites, but can you really neglect your favorites from the past? Songs that helped define major life choices or events you endured?

I decided, that my top 3 personally defining songs would, like most of you I presume, coincide with significant life moments…for the most part. I say for the most part, because the first song is the outlier. This song makes the list because it is the one song I always play. I connect with it on every level. To me, it is one of those “perfect” songs that couldn’t be improved upon or covered – it is perfect just as it is, and I never tire of it. Additionally, I know all of my brothers feel the same about it, so it is a bond the four of us share as well. Song #1, The Talking Heads, Naive Melody (This Must be the Place) off of their Speaking In Tongues Album.

Song #2 connects me again with my brothers, and the loss of my Dad, which I guess you could say is a theme here as well. The final verse really connects with my life as a husband and father as well, so lots to pull from on this one. The simplicity of it as well – just a couple of guitars, makes it that much more intimate. Murder in the City by the Avett Brothers – my ballad for the list. I prefer the live version from their Live Vol. 3 Album. Scott Avett changes a couple of words to account for the birth of his daughter that really resonate with me.

The first two songs are “must haves” on this list for me…at least at this point in my life. As I come down to the third and final song, I’m torn. How can I possibly choose one from my lengthy list of favorite songs and artists. While giving props to all of my other favorites and all that they mean to me, I’ve gotta go with a tune that never fails to get me in the right frame of mind – one that speaks to me and keeps me on track so to speak. If you asked me tomorrow, or in 10 minutes for that matter, I may pick another song altogether, but after playing this one just a few minutes ago, how could I not put it on my top 3. So, Song #3, Xavier Rudd – Follow the Sun.