#YogaWithChad • Mountain

There’s this peak i’m going to climb one day. I’ve been up there, to the take off spot, the trailhead, before. It’s not known as a difficult climb, but the locals told me “we’ve had a ton of snow, you don’t have crampons?” I only wondered what a crampon was. Sounded uncomfortable. In any case I didn’t climb it. I camped around the area and did little day hikes. Fun and all, not very rewarding, not what I came to do.
The inspiration to try this particular peak came from the Kerouac book “the Dharma Bums”. A favorite of mine, maybe all time favorite. Ray Smith and Japhy Ryder leave their Berkley artist pad and head up to the mountains. Ray looking for some transcendence. In the book, Japhy already has a good sense of it, Ray does not. Ray calls Japhy the “happiest little cat”, and is stoked that they are out breathing fresh mountain air and not hunkered in some San Fran bar. Japhy says “It’s all the same anyway”. Japhy makes the summit the next day, Ray decides to hang just below, and sees Japhy “run down a mountain”.
Anyhow, it’s a great book. I got fired up to follow in their footsteps. It didn’t happen, I had a weather delay. I don’t know that I’d call it a failure, because I’m still here and my mind is set on going back and doing the climb. It did have a profound impact on my life’s course in another way though.
At the time I was teaching surfing for the City of San Francisco, and I needed to get back for work the next day. I drove back to the city and had to drop the car off at the airport. I took the train into the city. I didn’t have much to do so I decided to get off near this great little coffee shop way out of my neighborhood and there she was, the girl I had seen and talked to briefly a few times at yoga. Out in neutral territory, not in the yoga studio, where to me, it’s kinda weird to ask for someone’s details.
I was so nervous my hand was shaking when I raised my cup to drink. I had to set it down and take a deep breath. But then I talked to her and things were fine. That’s a whole other story though. What is interesting to me is my delayed trip to the summit put the coffee shop in my path, which put a very interesting twist in my life. I’m not a firm believer in “things happen for a reason” in the common sense of the phrase, where something happens in order for you to learn from it. I think the reason “things happen” is because we made a choice, one way or the other, in the past. The key I think, is to see the options that choice created and pick the best one for you. Sometimes though, a little misstep, or missed target, is just what you needed.
But I digress… Until later! :)

up there a ways.