EC Ambassador TDB New Blog: Stepping Up

EC Ambassador and 2X Ironman World Champion, Tim DeBoom’s latest article for Triathlete Magazine is a good one. There are many examples of those athletes who have that break-through race and make the podium at the pinnacle race of the season. But, figuring out exactly how they did it and to repeat…or even improve on that performance is a different story altogether. To be able to show up at the main event of the year and pull out a big one is one thing, but to show up at that same event with all eyes on you and to one-up yourself…that’s an entirely different beast!

After reading about Luke McKenzie, one thing popped into my head: Second place stinks. “Stink” is hardly the word that filled my mind when I crossed the finish line of the Ironman World Championship in second place in 2000. You’d think that I would have been overjoyed, but the opposite was true. The profanity-laced diatribe that went through my mind upon crossing the finish line is definitely not suitable to publish.

Mike Pigg, Christian Bustos, Pauli Kiuru, Jurgen Zack, Cameron Brown and Chris Lieto are all amazing triathletes who accomplished more than most could ever hope to in their careers. They are stars of the sport and deserve praise for their incredible palmarés. The one ignominious similarity among them is that they placed second on the Big Island but never moved up to the top step of the podium. Why?

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