If you look in the lower right you'll see me gawking.

In surf talk what’s known as a “double up” is a wave that has some extra kick. I don’t know the physics of it, but a smaller swell and a bigger wave behind it, join forces to create a wave of increased strength. For the most part the “double up” effect will make the wave tube more, so we look for them. Because we want to get tubed. Or go over the falls. More surf talk.
A few years ago I was surfing Cloudbreak with Aamion Goodwin and the Hurley brothers. It was windy and challenging, but super fun. Lots of tubes. Medium size. Just… fun. The trades in the is part of Fiji come out of the southeast. They weren’t exactly howling, They were singing a little, maybe. Strong but out of a good direction for Cloudbreak. There were only 5 of us, and everyone was getting good waves. I was sitting midway down the line and up the point saw a wave meeting the reef, crunching up on another smaller wave in front of it, doubling up. Aamion was sprint paddling, windmilling his arms – that guy can paddle – but was slightly out of position. The double up snuck just past him and stomped inward. It kicked up on the reef and threw out wide, reeling, spinning, spitting all the way down the reef past me. I was hollering and laughing it was such a good wave. I turned around and looked at the boat with that “can you believe this?!” look on my face. The photog must have clicked the photo right then. The best wave of the day by miles, and still one of the best waves I’ve seen out there.