#YogaWithChad pt. 1

#YogaWithChad pt. 1

Hi My name is Chad Campbell I work as a normal (semi normal) Human Being.

Well, to define this, with much elbow room, and fluidity, and… a sense of bendiness! My name is Chad, I’ve been a surfer most of my life. I love Yoga, and running around and and swimming and doing pull-ups, and… lots of other stuff that requires the body to move. I’m not great at anything, but I try my best at many different disciplines. I’m a normal person, staying active, having FUN, TRYING to IMPROVE and do things I LOVE. I have my issues and problems just like every human out there but the goal is to keep looking up. So! that’s #YogaWithChad. EC and I have become good friends over the last few years, so together we are going to get out there and do some exciting, adventurous, fun, silly, difficult, rad, and challenging things. Keep up with us and follow along.. and we’d love to hear / see your world too!

#Lastweekend #YogaWithChad

the Crossfit WOD "Jackie" - Thrusters and Pull-ups to come.

Bruddah Aaron Duncan and Blake "Peanut Brown" Sims

I’m too tired to capture it all in words today but i will shortly, maybe. At the moment it’s friday. I’m sitting in the lobby of the Turtle Bay resort on the North Shore of Oahu in the midst of the back-benders and toe-touchers and hand-standers. Wanderlust Yoga Festival. I haven’t brushed my teeth since wednesday because i forgot my toothbrush and we’ve been whirl winding. a short recap:
Wednesday ran around dotting ts and crossing Is, because the itinerary reads: Kona-Honolulu-Fiji. nearly three months. No I hadn’t finished that project yet. which one? exactly – which one. The yard, the truck registration, taxes? Oh! subletting my little beach shanty. Dammit!! Taxes. ok, extension. Needed to catch up with Alika Ho’omana who’s been working me with surf specific Crossfit workouts. I needed to have a rematch with the WOD “Jackie”. I was nervous. If I didn’t beat my time it would mean that I had been very lazy. I didn’t feel that way though, I felt strong. but nervous. 1K Row, 50 Thrusters, and 30 pull-ups later I was the proud killer of 2 minutes. And then Alika made us do the workout again. Not so fast. But stoked.

Left Hawaii Island mostly organized. My brother and fellow Yoga enthusiast Aaron Duncan came along for the ride, and we met up at Blake “Peanut Brown” Sims’ house. 3 hours of sleep and we took off at 3:30am for the famous “Stairway to Heaven” hike. I could feel the thrusters already. Legs burning, growling. There is a hypothetical guard who denies people access to the illicit trail. He remained hypothetical. or invisible and silent. We made it to the trailhead in the dark. Thanks 99.999% to #ridgereaper and legit photog Ryan Mossy. Via phone. The future really is now. We wondered how many metal stairs, some stretches near vertical, there were. A whole lot. We made the top by 7am. hung out and took in the view. For some reason I dislike the word but not the sentiment – expansive. Fucking Awesome.

that’s more like it. Headed down and made it back to the house for the shuffling of transport, accommodation, and yoga-ing. Organized a ride out to the North Shore for #WanderlustOahu and made it by sunset time. Set up our “camp” (i.e. – tents and a sleeping bag and i’d need a list of the things forgotten). Fell asleep happy to the sound of surf, woke up sore from it all and took a class by Anna Forrest. I decided thrusters and I would be on a break.


Gerry Lopez is a straight up #LEGEND.

Wandered the wanderlust venue. Yoga pants, muscles, and mala beads. Enlightened scenesters and also an authentic sense of excitement and positivity. The realness and the hypocrisy were available in equal doses depending on where you focused. I focused on surfing legend Gerry Lopez’s Aloha Yin Class. #LEGIT! I needed to wind down. Thrusters and I still definitely on the outs. Blake and Aaron were out there somewhere, downward dogging or warrior one-ing. something. or just… Wandering, thinking, looking, listening, breathing.

2 days, 2 concerts, 1 big night with the gang (#legends Noah Johnson, Ikaika Kalama, et al. and #mahalo Rebecca Villegas for always taking care!), 12 yoga classes (gonna get press to handstand one day!), laughs, cries, and lots of energy later, The three of us hustled a ride back to the big city to wind it up. Dropped Blake and his dreads off, got a junky little hotel room in anti-yoga Waikiki, and fell asleep on a real bed. Woke up and took Aaron to the airport… but it wasn’t quite over for me. I had to rally up and grab boards from Surftech (thanks guys!!), get that list of Fiji necessities purchased, pack everything up, and try to make it to the airport on time. Somehow did, and on the way the shuttle driver said something interesting – “Next time, don’t forget your toothbrush”.