World Championship Season & Taking a Stand

So, it’s that time of year again. The World Championship Season is upon us. In lieu of all the bullsh*t going on these days with doping, we’ve decided that we’re gonna draw a line in the sand – it’s us against them. In the world of professional cycling, when an athlete was labeled as racing dope free, he was racing,

a pan y agua (re: ‘paniagua’) or, on bread and water

We like the sound of that. So, we’re gonna own it!

Available now, just in time for the Half Ironman World Championships this upcoming weekend and available thru the UCI Cycling World Championships, Hawaiian Ironman World Championships and the Xterra World Championships at the end of October, is our EC A pan y agua Tee. Help us take a stand against all of this negative bullsh*t taking over the sports we love.