Endurance Conspiracy Sponsors Team Small Batch

Endurance Conspiracy has signed on as a sponsor for a new cyclocross team out of Boulder created by EC Pals, Aaron Barcheck and Mosaic Bicycles. Team Small Batch is not your average cyclocross team. They come to you as a small group of individuals who care deeply about cycling and enjoy riding, racing, and advocating for the local, the traditional, the sustainable. The team believes in the importance of locally grown food, hand craftsmanship, and quality relationships, aspiring to support those who make our community a better place to live.

Other sponsors for Team Small Batch are: The Pro Peloton, Mosaic Bicycles, Skratch Labs Nutrition, Sombra Tequila, Noosa Yogurt, Clement Bicycle Tires and Lazer Helmets.

New tee for 2013 designed by EC artist, Tony DeBoom