What it Takes – by G. Love

There’s a very interesting interview with musician, G.Love, on GuitarWorld dot com right now about what it takes to make it in the music industry. As a former pro athlete, I see alot of direct parallels to what it takes to make it as a pro in a niche sport – or any endurance sport for that matter. DIY – Do It Yourself!

People always ask me, “what is it like, tell me the story of the road”

“Pack up a bag of shirts, a bag of shoes, lace up those sneaks and play the blues. We’re gonna drive, eat, sound check, sleep and rock another gig then get back in the jeep” or something like that…

My band has been on the road for a minute now. When people ask me how long I’ve been on tour, do I say 2 weeks or 19 years? Both are true. We’ve been out in a van or a tour bus for 19 fucking years. That’s what it takes.

These kids say they want to be famous and rich and what’s the first thing I ask them, “Do you want to work hard?” If you want to make it in music, you better love it. I mean you’ve got to have a real passion, a real serious work ethic and have a bit of god-given talent if possible (while not necessary, it does help.) The key is work ethic. Are you ready to put in that type of work?

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