Final Day of Prep for Endurance Maximus

So, after a week of build out and some serious heavy labor, The Endurance Maximus Triathlon Emporium is just about ready to roll. Thanks to our partners 110% Play Harder, Fuelbelt, Xtri and our title Partner, Rudy Project. All the product has arrived and most of the staff will arrive today.
A big thanks goes to Billy Jr. and his crew who helped get the old Uncle Billy’s Restaurant cleaned up and functioning. Well done gentlemen.

Lots of good stuff happening next week at the Endurance Maximus Shop. Appearances by some of the biggest names in the sport – Tim DeBoom, Simon Whitfield… LAVA 105.3’s very own Eddie O will be hanging out at the shop with mic in hand during the Ironman parade on Tuesday. We’ll also have Mr. Jim Major jamming on stage and maybe just a little something to eat and drink..

Be sure to follow us here for all the latest happenings. Also, be sure to tune into EC TV starting Sunday for updates, special appearances and updates.

Here’s a few shots from the build out.

There are stray cats all over the island, and at least a family had been using Uncle Billy’s for a home. If you look closely, you’ll see a cat tail hanging up and to the left of the birdfeeder.

We found this cool carved figurehead from the bow of a ship. They were used for good luck for the ship at sea. We just thought it was cool and reclaimed it as part of EC’s shop.

Testing the Banners.