Race Update

Long day here. We’re spending the night atop Gaustatoppen – one bad-ass mountain top. Short story – Tim won in 11+ hrs. Yep, 11+. The swim change made it a harsh and cold 59+ min swim – easily Tim’s longest swim ever. The extra 20km ride made his ride time 5:58 or so – again, his longest ever. And, the run…that is the most vicious run I’ve ever seen. He started in rain for the rolling portion of the first half and then by the time he hit “Zombie Hill” – the long climb upto the final 5km hike, it was searing hot. Tim was solid all day. He didn’t like all of our jokes, but he was damn tough and his game was on today. It was fun to watch and participate at such a new level. More later for sure on the story, but for now, here’s a few photos I snapped while running around as Tim’s Sherpa. If you want the pro shots, you better go check out Mr. Wynn’s portfolio of the trip – AWESOME!

The car is marked and ready.

We loaded that sucker down with just about everything we could think of – and it doubled as a media car.

Mr. Wynn searching for who knows what…a GoPro Camera, a lense…Great Job Eric!!

the swim was a friggin downpour so I wosn’t snapping shots. The bike I was driving ala Tour de France style over mountains and through valleys, so very little time to shoot. I did snap this near the beginning while driving – kids don’t try that at home!

Just one of the switchbacks of Gaustastappen

Tim being accompanied by E running up Gaustastappen – they allowed headphones at the start of the climb which was a big morale boost. Tim hit the start of the climb with about a 13 min lead or so and feeling rough. He hit the last 5km portion with nearly a 25 min lead – but, we didn’t know that…

It was cold and wet most of the day til we hit the climb, then the sun came out and scorched everyone.

Eric was even filling bottles with glacier water from the streams to dump on Tim during the run up.

The entrance to the final 5km – crowds lined the entire route up – reminded Tim and I of the zig zag in “Joe VS. the Volcanoe” – google it.

After run/hiking the final 5km with Tim, I stopped short of the finish so he could enjoy his moment of glory – hence, no victory shot. But, here’s Tim moments later talking with his expecting wife, Nicole back home – gotta love technology!

New warm clothes and some interviews

Here’s your victory shot Kristin M. Mission accomplished. We couldn’t stop talking about the view during the final push to the summit.

So the finish line is the summit of a giant friggin mountain – what do you do? Sorry, no choppers ala “Lance”, but they do have an elevator shaft down the middle of the mountain that takes you about 20 mins down – close to where I parked our car. Beats hiking back down after you feel like you just beat your legs with a baseball bat. (By the way, all “Sherpas” are supposed to hike back down – the winner got a little special attention however and we all got a ride in the shaft).

More later. Time to rest, eat and sleep. Thanks everyone.