Norway: The Calm Before the Storm

Yesterday and today have been pretty mellow. Tim’s staying loose and getting in a few easy workouts, taking care of a couple of appearances and watching Norwegian television. From a support crew standpoint, there’s alot to do. Gathering all the supplies for the race – nutrition (everything from nutella to snickers to Powerbars), clothing options, headlamp (yep, mandatory), water, coke.. Any iron-distance race that it’s mandatory to carry a headlamp with you is alright in our book.

We also found these little single-use Nutella tubes – we’ll be carrying a good supply of those for the whole crew. They’ll be good for morale if nothing else. We also have been making sure to know all the rules. I’ll actually be driving a car in support of Tim throughout the race – carrying all his nutrition and gear. Rules state that I can’t hand anything to Tim while driving and that all 4 wheels need to be off the road when providing support. A neat trick on these mountain roads. Race day could be a little like the Gumball Rally (google it).

So, one more day of rest and prep. Saturday is an extra early wakeup – 2am. Down to transition around 4 and on the boat about 1 hr early. I’ll be on the boat with Tim. From there, I’ll b-line it back to T1 and get his gear ready for the ride. Ya just have to expect rain and wind on race day here – much like expecting heat and wind for Kona. We’ll have the whole range of apparel ready – toe warmers – arm warmers – jacket – vest – extra clothing – extra glasses…it’s a big list. The first 40km of the bike is mostly uphill on gnarly mountain roads, so help will be tricky. Eric scored a moto for that bit of the race and will have some suhweet video of Tim on these cool, twisting roads. Think golf cart paths carved into mountains and you’ll get an idea of what it’s like those first 30-40 kms.

More later.

Working hard to get those amazing images of Tim swimming in the fjord.

3 feet below the surface it gets “butt cold”. Also, when the cruise ship came into port, it stirred up the cold from the depths and the fjord temp dropped 4-5 degrees (12 celsius). The locals still went swimming sans wetsuits.

Tim digging the wetsuit – loving the 2 piece!

Dinner for the crew.

Some racers opt for camping on the water.

Home, sweet home.