Norway: Day 2

Day 2 was a full day. Woke up at 5am and headed down to the pier for a dip in the fjord, along with the race crew members who were racing the entire event distance today. After a swim, we loaded up our gear and headed to the 90km marker for the bike, so Tim could ride the final 90km to the second transition. From there we drove the marathon route to the finish – man what a course. The final half marathon is uphill – think running at 10 percent grade to the 37km marker and then going serious off-road and uphill for the final 5km. All of that after riding what could only be considered an epic mountain stage in the TdF. If you are looking for the biggest, baddest iron distance event in the world, we have found it here in Norway.

Tim putting on whatever he can to prepare for an early dip in the fjord. On race day, he’ll be jumping from a ferry out in the middle of the fjord ala’Alcatraz. And, yours truly will be on the boat with him.

Yep, it’s that cold!

Getting the bike prepped for today’s ride. Tim will be sporting a roadie set-up on his Felt DA TT Frame.

More gear for the day. Definitely need a little of everything for this weather. Good thing we’re from Colorado and are used to this packing style.

Eric Wynn has been getting some amazing footage – using all types of camera equipment. Makes for a fun day.

Tim riding along the Norway countryside.

Grass roofs are the norm out here.

The finish line looms in the distance. This shot was taken from around the middle of the marathon and the finish is a small tower at about the eleven o’clock point on the furthest mountain top.

Prepping the switchbacks for race day.

This is the entrance to the final 5km of the race course – the tower is the finish line. Tony will be running along with Tim, carrying all of his gear to include a change of clothing for the finish.

[More photos at Endurance Conspiracy’s Facebook Page]