Brooklyn Bar Holding Secret Cycling Races

Yep, it’s just like it sounds. A bar called The Morgan in Brooklyn, NY, cyclists are gathering from across the NY area to occassionally race on rollers. They’re getting so popular that Olympic Track cyclist, Giddeon Massie, even made the trek from Trexler-Town, PA to race in one of The Morgan’s Secret Bar Races. Thanks to for the heads up and photos.

In a converted warehouse, on a wooden stage, cycling promotors at The Morgan have set up three sets of rollers for cycling races. The rollers are lined up on a stage and connected to a huge clock face on the back wall. Cyclists then race three at a time and do ‘laps’ around this clock. Throw in live DJ music, an announcer, a tub of beer, and a small but passionate crowd cheering the riders on, and you’ve got yourself an event that we should be holding in Boulder…hmmm. Ya gotta appreciate the passion.