Endurance Conspiracy Ambassador & Master Wood-Crafter James Wilson

While in Seattle for the Green Festival, Endurance Conspiracy swung by EC Ambassador & Master wood-crafter James Wilson’s workshop. The workshop itself is very cool with all types of wooden spoons and utensils lying around at varying degrees of completion. The roof has been grown over with classic Seattle moss. Jim has been selling spoons and utensils at the Pike Place Market for more than 20 years.

We caught up with Jim as he was bearing down on a big order from none-other-than Martha Stewart herself when we visited.

Spoonmaker Extraordinaire – Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson & his Granddaughter

The latest round of what will become amazing utensils made from all types of wood

The Master

The finished product.

Thanks for the tour and the time Jim. The utensils get better with age and use, and our kitchen is loaded with his products – even a couple of custom items like a bread cutter. Definitely worth the price!!