Day 1 at Wildflower

The morning after our first night at the camp. Shared a fire pit with the Competitor Group – nuff said.

Time to bury the evidence..jk, we mean recycle the evidence.

The Start line is taking shape

After meeting up with Jim Felt and crew at the Felt Racing Booth, EC Ambassador, Tim DeBoom heads for a swim

Representin’ – an EC custom job swings by to say hello – BTO Multisports and their Aquathon Series

Most of the EC Gang. All we need is Pete Reid – where ya at brotha?

The end of a very long day ends jamming around the fire.

Smores close the nite out. Tomorrow will be crazy long and busy. EC fans have shown up in mass and we’re grateful. Thanks for all the amazing support.

Good luck to Tim and The West Point Team that showed up, as well as everyone else racing this weekend.

More later.