Retul Founder, Franko Vatterott

Nice shot of Mr. Franko Vatterott and the Man of Iron. Franko is one of the new wave of big thinkers in the endurance world, having been the man behind the development of Tri-Dubai back in the early 2000’s and most recently, Retul 3-D Bike Fitting. Franko is a big fan and supporter of EC and we try to find projects to collaborate on whenever possible. We think Franko just got back from Europe where Retul performed bike fits for the Radioshack and Team Sky Professional Cycling Teams and he just may be on Kona right this very moment.

Check out the Retul Facebook Fan Page here for some pretty cool shots of the cycling teams getting fit. Like the one below – looks like the Radioshack boys got fit in a bar of some sort – check out the disco ball overhead!