7 Degrees of EC – Slowtwitch Editor-in-Chief, Herbert Krabel

I thought this song by Matt Costa song had a western twang to it, and Herbert has been known to don cowboy hats at the races from time to time.

Here’s a nice shot of multi-faceted entrepreneur and Slowtwitch editor-in-chief, Herbert Krabel showing a little EC Love. In a 7 Degrees of EC connection, EC artist Tony DeBoom was once sponsored by the American Bicycle Group (Quintana Roo, Litespeed, Merlin, Real Design) where Herbert was the Director of Marketing for several years. Herbert shared this cool shot taken in Kona during the Ironman this past October (I’m pretty sure…I think that’s a Banyan tree behind him).

Herbert is also the founder and owner of Guerrilla Communication. They specialize in social networking strategies and non-traditional guerrilla marketing techniques. A pretty relevant subject these days. They’ve got a pretty cool blog that we follow quite regularly – take a looksie here.