A Fly In The Champagne

Yes, I know this is a surf film, but it’s produced by Irons Bros. Productions, and sponsored by both Billabong and Quiksilver – because it’s all about rivalries. And by rivalries I really only mean one, Kelly Slater and Andy Irons, and the battle for surfing supremacy.

So much has been written and covered about these two, and the battles they’ve been through – and this documentary gets up close and personal while their battle was in full rage. It’s extra relevant today due to Kelly just snagging his record 10th World Title, and the passing of 3X World Champ and arguably, the only guy to truly challenge Kelly – Andy Irons. This film shows the competitiveness of two great athletes at their prime and everything that goes on in front of, and behind, the scenes. You don’t have to surf to appreciate the level of commitment and competitiveness these two champions demonstrate.

Definitely worth the watch. You can order it here.