Tim DeBoom Interview with Slowtwitch

Here’s a great interview with EC Ambassador, Tim DeBoom, by our pal Timothy Carlson over at Slowtwitch.

Just a few days short of his 40th birthday, Tim DeBoom still loves to race, but he has vowed that this year’s 32nd place finish at Kona would be his last Ironman on the Big Island. His two wins there will forever mark him among the greats. Certainly his inspiring win by two Kona country miles in 2001 helped raise some American spirits after the tragedy on 9/11. His all-out duels with Peter Reid were the triathlon equivalent of Ali-Frasier – minus the bitter disrespect that fueled the pugilists.

But Tim DeBoom is far from retiring as he plans a more adventurous exploration of far ranging, intriguing, eclectic endurance events like the Leadville 100, XTERRA races, Alpe d’Huez and more. Not unlike professional surfers who choose to avoid the contest grind in favor of traveling the world in search of perfect waves, DeBoom says he will spend some of his time – with friends like Peter Reid and Tim’s brother Tony – in the role of a soul endurance athlete seeking new challenges.

In an interview this week, DeBoom offers his thoughts on new rules and regulations pertaining to pro qualifying for Ironman Hawaii, the passing of the torch from Kona’s old guard to the new, the inspiring performances of Chrissie Wellington and Mirinda Carfrae.

Click here to read the entire interview.