TDB and the End of the Road…To Kona

So, it’s being reported that EC Ambassador, 2X Ironman World Champion and the last American to win in Kona, Tim DeBoom has announced he will not be towing the professional line in Kona again. Having been there last weekend and witnessed the event, I think Tim finishing the race with fellow 2X Champion, Normann Stadler, was a fitting closure to a long chapter in his life. Without pulling out the stat book, I think Tim had somewhere in the range of 16 starts in Kona, beginning as a 21 year old college kid from Iowa. I don’t think he ever even considered winning a world title back in the beginning – let alone winning back to back titles. Tim never felt the need to pound his chest and rant to the camera, he simply let his racing speak for him. If you would have asked him why he originally got into the sport, his response would be something to the effect that it was because he loved the idea of training all day in the outdoors. It wasn’t for the moment in the lights or for the world titles, it was merely because that’s what he loves to do. When he started, no one was watching and now, at the end of the road, he’ll settle back into doing what he loves purely for the joy of doing it..and he’ll keep training even when nobody’s watching. There’s alot more adventures to be had for sure.

Congrats Tim on one hell of a career.

I’ll do my best to smooth talk Tim into opening up on camera about his race, his decision and where he goes from here.