View From a Run

This morning started with a run starting about 1,000 feet above town, so I carried my camera to grab a few shots along the way to Endurance Maximus. Here’s a tune for ya while you view.

Macadamia Nuts from our backyard

Had to carry two perfectly ripe papayas that had fallen from this tree for the rest of the run – always run with a small pack around Kona.

You better believe I’ll be back by this tree to see if any avacados have fallen yet. They’re about the size of a large grapefruit.

Crazy wild chicken – lucky he caught me in a good mood.

A ship is in town today. Consider it a floating buffet.

Old Chapel that was on the old Kona course. Rumor is that John Wayne was once married there.

Sacred Ground.

Hawaii Board Meeting

Nuff Said.

World Class Surf Break – Banyans

The only recycling bin on Ali’i Drive (we couldn’t find any, so we made one)

The Grand Strand (Ali’i Drive) on a mellow day. Just wait til next week when all the crazies show up.