The Day in Kona

Getting our Island vibe on and sending out a little Digital Aloha compliments of G-Love.

Little bit of everything yesterday – Getting the store upto 100% or as close as possible as product continues to trickle in. Today, we finished up the Dunning Sportswear presentation and their stuff is incredible. Soft and comfortable, all the while being the most advanced materials – definitely worth checking out!

First things first though, pretty girls. Next door to Endurance Maximus is Pacific Vibrations Surf Shop – owned by Ironman and Hawaiian icon, Loki McMichael. Loki’s been kind enough to loan us boards for our daily funtime, and she came by today to say hi and check on the shop’s progress.

The Endurance Maximus Triathlon Emporium is getting closer to being at full capacity.

No store is complete without it’s lifesize image of the reigning Ironman World Champion.

Dunning Sportswear and their new line of triathlon tees are in the house.

Back for more today.