Making Up a Care Package For Our Favorite Band

Just received a request for tees from one of our all time favorite bands, ALO. So, time to put together a care package. If you ever have the opportunity to see them live, we highly recommend it – you can thank us later. We were going to see them after Kona in Santa Barbara, but had to rearrange our schedule and are now hooking up with Jack Johnson’s Irvine show to pickup some tees & posters we made for the tour on our way home to Boulder.

Not too many upcoming shows for the band, but they will surely have some new shows posted in the near future. If you live in Cali and want a great night of entertainment, go see ‘em. Here’s there upcoming shows.

Here’s the video for one of the band’s most classic tunes – “Girl I wanna Lay You Down.” It’s even one of Jack’s favorite tunes and if you listen close you can hear him singing back up vocals.