Endurance Maximus Update

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As Endurance Maximus ramps up to speed on the big island, be sure to check back here for the latest news and updates on the happenings at the store, special sales or products from our partners, contests and more. We’ll be having special appearances by some of the biggest names in the sport, maybe even an impromptu show by a musician and more than one soiree for sure. Our goal is to spread as much DIGITAL ALOHA as possible during our run.

Special Thanks to our awesome partners for Endurance Maximus No.1:

Rudy Project, Muscle Milk, Dunning Sportswear, Blue Seventy , Fuelbelt and Inside Tri Magazine

And, thanks to our affiliates as well:
XTRI.com, Indosole, Eric Wynn Photography & the amazing Zach Ashton

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