Singer/Songwriter – Zach Ashton, Offers Free Music Download to EC Fans

So, EC friend & amazing singer/songwriter, Zach Ashton, has generously allowed us to offer a free download of one of his killer tunes to our readers. Zach, self described as “cursed with intensity and blessed with emotion”, calls San Francisco his home these days.

Since we’re gearing up for Kona and in a constant state of rush, we opted to go with one of Zach’s mellow tunes – OCEAN. Fitting since that’s where we’re headed in a couple weeks. So, after a long day of rocking the loud stuff while training, download a little Zach and let it’s mellow-ness take you over.

Highly Recommended!

Be sure to check out more of Zach’s tunes here. You can also follow him on Twitter for his latest shows and new tunes.

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