El Patron’

One of the new tees you can expect to see in the upcoming weeks. Our Tribute to the “Patron of the Peloton” – essentially referring to the figurehead of the group ride. Not necessarily the best rider, but always the most respected and the unspoken leader of the bunch. The Patron of the Peloton shouts “piss stop”, and everyone stops; he is the voice of the peloton for all riding matters.

What started out as a question about what type of theme song the patron of the peloton would have, turned into the idea that the true patron of the peloton would have his own band following him around. Hence, “El Patron'” and his band of mariachi’s. We like to think that the band would continuously play “El Deguello” – which means ‘throat cutting’ and was played by General Santa Anna during the fall of the Alamo. Story goes that the tune was played day and night until the Alamo fell. The song meant that no quarter (no mercy) was to be given to the enemy. Seems just the sort of thing our El Patron’ would play. Coming this August!!