Thanks to the Gang at Lava Magazine for the Nice Spread

The new player in town – Lava Magazine, is up and running, and their new website launch includes a great story on the Endurance Conspiracy. We reprinted it here, but be sure to check out their site – lots of info and coverage that shouldn’t be missed. Thanks for the love guys.

Ok, this one brings out a dilemma; how does one “test” a T-shirt? Put it on a strech rack? Measure the threads per inch? Give it first to a bear, then a two-year old and see how it comes out the other end?

I did my best, putting it under the most taxing of duress: I went for coffee. I picked up my wife’s bike at the shop. I got groceries.

And as a triathlete, there are few better tees tested for serious latte-drinking than the new line coming from budding tri apparel brand, Endurance Conspiracy.

You all know Tony DeBoom, former pro triathlete, brother to Tim and part of the collection of triathletes that make Boulder home. As with all former pros, they gotta make a living somehow when swim-bike-run isn’t the main moneymaker anymore. Most go into coaching, couchsurfing, or grocery bagging. When your resume says “2nd place, Chicago Triathlon,” human resources doesn’t really care whether or not Craig Walton was at that race or not. Tony DeBoom? No “paper or plastic” for that cat. He’s created a stylish apparel line called Endurance Conspiracy, a company aimed at the triathlon set, adding a sense of style—and responsibility. He graciously sent out a couple sample tees for us to try out.

No, we’re not talking about your collection of race tees in the garage, wrapped around your bike chain and smelling of environmentally-friendly solvent

My findings? The foundation is a nice, soft cotton that looks suspiciously like it could be American Apparel (all the power to them for supplying quality cotton) with lightly-screened graphics for a light, worn look. Great graphics that speak to our sport compliment the cotton: a direction post with headings to Kona, Roth, St. Croix, Ishigaki, Victoria B.C., and Pucon. Another features a silhouette of an athlete in aerobars being towed by a flock of birds. Yet another has a comical carnival-style poster calling out the feats for the incredible “Man of Iron” freakshow.

Endurance Conspiracy compliments the tees with relaxed trucker caps that will look as good and functional at Lava Java as they would in Joe’s Garage. It’s a relief from the race and tech tees that are much too pervasive in this sport.

“We like to say that Endurance Conspiracy is by, for, and about the athletes, families, fans, organizers, appreciators, experts, and dreamers looking for something different in today’s endurance sports world,” DeBoom told LAVA. “Endurance Conspiracy is a collaborative effort that brings together classic ideas and friends who enjoy the pure expression of sport and art.”

And in comes DeBoom’s thoughts that echo our own here at the magazine: how to represent the sport in a fun way without being over-the-top.

“It seems as though everything these days is about improving and getting more hi-tech—getting lighter, getting more aero, going faster,” he says. “Yet originally we all embraced endurance sports because we enjoyed and appreciated the lifestyle that it offered—being fit, enjoying the outdoors with your friends, travelling … we’re trying to get back to our roots so to speak and promote the lifestyle side of the sport.”

Enter the lowly—yet all-important—T-shirt. And no, we’re not talking about your collection of race tees in the garage, wrapped around your bike chain and smelling of environmentally-friendly solvent—also key to Endurance Conspiracy’s credo.

“We started with our favorite items in our wardrobe—ridiculously soft T-shirts and trucker hats. Let’s just say that we don’t want to go anywhere or do anything where a T-shirt isn’t appropriate attire,” DeBoom says.”Everything is artistically designed with environmentally friendly materials. We decided long ago that we would only do this if we could do it right, which means being environmentally conscious about our company and the footprint we leave. We don’t claim to be chest-pounding environmentalists, but we are avid users of nature’s playground, and if we don’t support and protect it, then who will?”

Where is the company headed beyond its grassroots, sorta-underground existence, bolstered by supporters including bro Tim and ITU rockstar Simon Whitfield?

“We have a blueprint, and there’s a lot in it, but for now, we’re having fun and the feedback and support, world wide, has been amazing,” DeBoom said. “We’ve got some unique partnerships in the works and an experienced and versatile group of people working behind the scenes to ensure we are consistently putting our best foot forward.”

You can get the tees at a few retailers including All3Sports and SBR Shop, or just order directly from the boys in Boulder at Endurance Conspiracy.

(and Nope, not American Apparel – these babies are custom!)