Jack Johnson Tour Poster Contest

So most people know I spend alot of my free time strumming my guitars. I tend to play alot of Jack Johnson too – catchy, easy grooving tunes are always fun to play. Anyway, the man is back with a new album and new world tour, and has launched a world tour poster contest to go along with it. Simply, if you win, your poster/t-shirt will become part of the tour. I decided to rework a little EC art and take a shot. So, be sure to head over to the contest site, Creative Allies, and send some love our way. I can’t promise that if I win I’ll share the prize with you (concert tickets), but I will definitely find a way to share the love with our EC followers. The art is filed under our EC artist’s name, tydeboom.

Check out my Poster design here.

Check out my T-Shirt design Here, and feel free to leave a comment, it couldn’t hurt our chances.