Bicycle Vending Machine – Brilliant!

Now why didn’t we think of that in Boulder? Baruch Herzfeld, owner of Traif Bike Gesheft (Yiddish for ‘non-Kosher bike shop’) has installed New York City’s first bicycle parts vending machine. The 24/7 retail box carries things cyclists may need in an emergency, such as patch kits, pumps, brake pads and other things for general repairs.

Vending machines for cyclists exist in a few bike-obsessed places elsewhere in the country, including Madison, Wisconsin, and Seattle.

“We see somebody with a flat, we try to help them,” said Mr. Herzfeld in a NY Times article. “Now we have something that works 24 hours.” In the days since Mr. Herzfeld installed his, a few people had stopped to buy items, he said. In addition to the repair supplies, the machine sells bells ($2 to $10), small U-locks ($5) and inner tubes ($6).

Mr. Herzfeld said that he was thinking of locking used bikes on the street and selling keys to them in the vending machine for about $100 so that passers-by could indulge a whim to go on a midnight ride.

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