Rogue Wave hits Mellow Johnny’s

In the second of four Spinner secret SXSW pop-up shows, one of our favorite bands, Rogue Wave, rode through an eight-song set at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop for hundreds of lucky fans who queued up down the block earlier in the afternoon.

As expected, Rogue Wave, made famous with their song “Eyes”, focused most of their set on their new album released by the Brushfire Records label, Permalight New songs such as Stars and Stripes, Sleepwalker and Solitary Gun set the bar for a summery feel, as Rogue mostly favored the acoustic guitar to complement the harder guitar rock his backing band provides. Standouts included Good Morning (The Future) and Lake, which both featured Rogue’s nasaly, Neil Young-like vocals in a fast, flowing form.

If you haven’t checked this band out – they are highly recommended.