Tim DeBoom on Twitter….


We’ve gotten lots of requests and questions lately…re: alot!- “hey, why doesn’t TIm have a Twitter page? I’d follow him for sure!” That’s exactly right. We hung out with Tim this past weekend in Miami during the Miami International Triathlon and had the chance to ask him a couple questions – specifically, about Tim and the internet.

“Hey Tim, people wanna know – what websites are you reading these days?”

Umm, I check my mail pretty regularly, but um, oh and [ahem] I check the EC site. But, I don’t really follow the internet much.

“Tim, why don’t you have a twitter page?”

Come on..I love triathlon, and I love sharing my experiences with people, but really..do I need to tell people what I ate for breakfast or what I’m doing every part of every day? The season’s started – I’m training, I’m recovering from training..and I’m training. I’ve got 3 businesses that I’m actively involved in (EC, Skirtsports and Redrocks Co.) and I spend alot of time at the Pearl Izumi Headquarters working on products with them. It’s pretty boring stuff

“So, don’t expect to see TDB on Twitter, Tumblr or any of that stuff in the future?”

Umm, Tumblr?? no. We’re getting ready to do some pretty cool videos for EC in the near future, but other than that, I’ll stick to writing longhand for Triathlete Mag and stuff like that. (Tim writes a monthly column under the Endurance Conspiracy title for Triathlete Magazine).

“Do you follow other athletes or check race results or anything online?”
I usually hear about race results quick enough in Boulder anyways..and I figure that the other pro’s are living just as boring a life as I am if they take their craft seriously. I can say that I’ve seen Simon Whitfield’s blog and like what he’s doing and I think Conrad Stoltz is a cool guy – he’d fit in well with the EC gang.”