More of the same.

Anyone who has raced in Kona or any other ocean event around the world knows that one of the most memorable moments of the trip is when you’re out doing your typical swim course recon and while swimming along, you come across a pod of dolphin. Happens almost every year in Kona. There are very few reasons why an athlete at the ironman world champs may alter their training plan during race week, but I have been walking by the pier and heard that the dolphin had come to play that day and have dropped everything but my goggles and headed straight to the water and the turn-around buoy (1 mile away) simply for the opportunity to share space with these magnificent creatures. All that said, I woke up with this today.


This image is taken in the Faroe Islands, Denmark, and this is the annual slaughter of Caulderon Dolphin – a well known and highly intelligent mammal. Apparently, this is a “test of manhood” for the young teens in the village. The irony is that the dolphins actually approach the children openly to interact and play. The Caulderon dolphin is also near extinction.

dolphin festival
The entire village partakes in the “festival.” The dolphins don’t die instantly either – they are hacked with hooks until dead. What year is this??

We’re in the process of gathering more info on this, but for starters, you can go here and use your voice to help make a difference. Test of manhood….how about using feats of endurance to prove your manhood? How in the hell does hacking a dolphin to pieces with a giant hook prove your a man?