Chris Waddell Summiting Kilimanjaro

Paraplegic athlete Chris Waddell is making a summit attempt of Mt. Kilimanjaro this week. If successful, he’ll become the first person to reach the top of Africa’s tallest mountain without the use of his legs.

Reading Chris’ blog gives some details on what the climb has been like for him so far. He is using a specially designed cart, that he pedals with is hands, to pull himself up the mountain. The little buggy is called the Bomba, and its over sized tires allow him to maneuver over and around large rocks, using his own strength to continue his progress. Check out the image of him going uphill – that’s seriously steep and ya gotta have some guns to grind up that with just your arms.


In his most recent update, Chris said that the team was camped at 18,000 feet, meaning that today he should make the long crawl to the summit, which is located at 19,340 feet. He’ll be dealing with snow and ice, lots of rock scree, and a difficult incline as well, not to mention the thin air up there.

When we first read about his plans nearly a year ago, we just didn’t understand how someone could go up Kili on a wheeled cart like the Bomba. Looks as though Chris will have a great chance to achieve his goal. Keep watching his blog for updates.