Open Water Swimmer’s Best Friend

Time Magazine had an interesting article on how over 70 Labradors, Newfoundlands and Golden Retrievers have been trained to act as beach lifeguards in a program run by the Italian National Civil Protection Agency. Click here to read how the canines patrol the beaches and lakes in Italy, including Ostia where the 2009 World Swimming Championships were held (see photo by Wolfgang Rattay of Reuters).

Maybe it would do the WTC good to add a few of these amazing canines to the regular staff at every event – if it’s true what they say, that dogs can smell fear, they just may be able to instinctively sense trouble before we can see it – just might save a life or two. Ya never know – couldn’t hurt. The shots below are from the 2009 Swimming World Championships.



Thor Benhur

The last picture is of EC Founder, Tony DeBoom, and Thor Benhur, his 7 year old newfy, who at the age of 6 rescued a 5 year old girl who had fallen into a fast moving creek up in the Boulder foothills.