New film by Patrick Trefz

Patrick Trefz is a well known photographer and film maker in the fringe-sports world. The long-time Surfer Magazine staff photographer has made such classic films as Thread and Bicycle Trip. Trefz went on a national book tour for his book Thread – a collection of photographs that accompanied his film of the same name. Trefz seems to have caught the cycling bug as his latest short film, “Where do you start, where do you stop”, which premiered at the New York Bicycle Film Festival, touches further into the world of bicycling.

Trefz’s latest short is getting good reviews, and now that the BFF is in 39 different cities around the country, you’ve got a pretty good chance to see it if you like.

Where do you Start, where do you Stop…….A story of A to B to A to B by accomplished photographer Patrick Trefz.

Sorry I couldn’t find a snippet from the latest film, so here’s a little piece of Bicycle Trip.