CTS Opens Endurance Sports Club

So we spent Friday night at the Endurance Sports Club in Colorado Springs. The grand opening was a suit and tie affair – nice to get that tidbit upon showing up in jeans, flip-flops and teeshirt. Of course, we never really want to go anywhere that we’re not welcome in a tee, so we fit right in once I pulled a stray aloha shirt that had been in the truck for a while.
The gala was pretty cool – world reknown coaches were present along with a few world champs and Olympians. Reigning Ironman world champ, Craig Alexander, was present along with the family – including new kiddo, Austin – as well as mountain bike world champ, Alison Dunlap and time trial world champ, Mari Holden.
EC was present and accounted for as the only apparel to be carried in the Pro shop of the Sports Club – nice! There are events and activities scheduled through the weekend, so if you’re in the Colorado area, check it out. The Club is in a newly renovated vintage building with alot of history in it just a mile or two away from downtown Col Springs.
The entrance has a very cool mural drawing of past and current tour winners – I tried to get a couple good shots of it. The whole place is as much a museum of famous cyclists and motivational quotes as anything. Makes for a very motivational training space.
Unfortunately, with all the craziness in preparing for the opening, we forgot our camera, so forgive the poor quality of these taken from my crackberry – yep, we’re holding out on the iphone a bit longer!

Ironically for a fitness club, they were loaded with cookies and chocolate

huge mural on the wall of past Tour Champs

tees in the pro shop

more goods for sale compliments of EC

the workout area with a nice size shot of Crowie