Endurance Sports Club

We spent yesterday driving down to Col Springs to hand deliver some freshly screened organic tees to CTS, headed up by Lance’s coach, Chris Carmichael. Although EC hasn’t officially launched yet (Kona ’09), we’ve been doing alot of work for friends and friends of friends. We did a couple of designs for CTS and the grand opening of their new Endurance Sports Club. The club is basically a fitness club for the endurance sports enthusiast. So you’ll be sharing the weight room or the computrainer room with like minded athletes. The facility is top notch – complimentary energy gels and energy drink for your workouts, coach led group rides and runs and the occasional drop in by such athletes as Lance Armstrong, Craig Alexander and Tim DeBoom. The weight room is all equipment that is specific to the endurance athlete program – so there isn’t a row of bench press machines 50 yds long.
Word on the street is that Lance will be making an appearance Friday night at the grand opening, so we’ll be headed down with our friendly gang from Retul and photos will be on our program for the night.
For now, here’s a couple shots of our work for CTS – available only at the new Endurance Sports Club in the Springs. Enjoy the first peak.
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