Where in the hell is Phil Maffetone?

Anyone with a knowledge of history in triathlon, or who has been in the sport for a while remembers the “guru” to the pro’s, Dr. Phil Maffetone. “Maff” worked with such noted pro athletes as Mark Allen, Mike Pigg, Tim DeBoom and more. Maff wrote a few books on training and nutrition and worked the lecture circuit for most of the nineties. But then, Maff sort of disappeared from the endurance scene and dropped off the face of the earth, or so we thought. Most of us knew about Maff’s work with many top pros, but we didn’t know that he also worked with such noted musicians as James Taylor, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and more. After several years of simultaneously working in the endurance and music industry, Maff developed a passion for music. He started writing music and playing guitar. Now he’s got two albums out and has recreated himself as a troubadour among other things. This thing called life is pretty amazing!