Old School


There aren’t too many guys or girls left on the professional triathlon circuit that I would dub as “old school”. Those people who truly embrace the lifestyle of endurance and adventure. So many of the pros now treat racing purely as a job – a meal ticket. Zip into a race and zip out as quick as possible without really exploring or consuming the trip.
One of the few guys on the circuit that is a throwback to those simpler days is Conrad Stoltz. A bit of a renaissance man who just enjoys life as a pro and all that it offers. He’s pretty damn good too – 2 time Olympian for South Africa, 3 time Xterra World Champ and winner of countless races and titles. It would be cool to design a tee for the Caveman – the ideas are flowin’.
Check out Conrad’s site when you have some time – the guy even built his own 1 lane pool on his property in South A and spends his downtime going off road on his dirtbike, flyfishing or camping.
It’s good to know there are still guys like Conrad racing the pro scene.