Sorry, No Kokua Festival This Year


It breaks our heart to be writing this right now, but it looks like all of us looking forward to Jack Johnson’s annual Kokua Festival are going to have to wait at least another year. After 5 straight years of absolutely incredible shows under the Hawaiian skies, the Kokua Hawaii Foundation released the following statement regarding the 2009 show,

“After hosting five consecutive and successful years of the Kokua Festival, we have decided to take a break. We’d like to send out a big ‘mahalo’ to everyone who has supported the festival over the years, and especially thank the artists who have donated their positive energy and memorable performances.”

Looks like it’s back to October trips to Hawaii for Ironman instead of the April trips we’ve been taking the past couple years to attend the Festival. Let’s hope it’s just a hiatus and not a permanent end to what has been one of the top music festivals around. Beyond the world class music talent the Kokua Festival has featured annually (Johnson, Eddie Vedder, Ben Harper, Dave Matthews, Mason Jennings) the environmental awareness raised by the Kokua Festival has been priceless and something that will be sorely missed.

Let’s hope the Kokua Festival comes back stronger than ever in 2010. And even if it doesn’t, continue to check out Kokua Hawaii and do your part to preserve our environment.

Here’s Jack and Eddie Vedder doing a duet, “Soon Forget” – we were about 100 feet out in front of them.