7 Degrees of EC


Back in the day, EC Ambassador, Tony DeBoom, was represented by the athlete management group, Evolve Sports. Evolve was formed by amateur triathlete, Keir Beadling. Evolve’s mission was to deliver athletes, corporate sponsors, event managers, and entertainment & media professionals access into the growing world of emerging sports. Based out of San Francisco, Evolve became a “player” in the endurance world as it acquired a stable of athletes that rivaled any agent in the sport, with such athletes as Barb Lindquist, Chann McCrae, Beth Zinkand, Julie Swail, Dean Karnazes, Natascha Badmann and more.

Today, Beadling and Evolve still exist, working within all areas of the sports world. Keir spends most of his time managing Mavericks Surf Ventures, Inc, which he formed with famed big wave surfer, Jeff Clark, in 2003. Together they own and operate The Mavericks Surf Contest held in Half Moon Bay, CA and manage the Mavericks brand.

Now heralded as the premiere paddle-in surf contest and the Super Bowl of big-wave surfing, Mavericks is a brand in itself – much like Ironman. Their 2004 contest attracted nearly 2 million television viewers to their high-definition surfing competition broadcast (HDNet) and for the first time, the Outdoor Life Network aired a big wave surfing show.

The 2008 event was recognized as one of the most competitive and inspirational in the Contest’s history as event winner, Greg Long, split the first place prize money with the 6 finalists on the day. Reminds us a little of the comraderie found in cycling.

Mavericks Surf Ventures is also doing it’s part for the environment. They brought on board an Eco-Manager to ensure minimal environmental impact during the event (each contest now has a complete environmental report at its conclusion) and to educate the Half Moon Bay community and its visitors on making positive environmental contributions in their own cities, coastal communities and surroundings.

Good on ya Keir!