Ryder Hesjedal Secret Training Partner…Laird Hamilton

Check out this cool video of Garmin Team rider, Ryder Hesjedal, at his training camp on Maui. Waterman, Laird Hamilton, went along for the ride..all 6 hours of it, and he was still hanging at the end. That’s pretty impressive for a big guy out of his element. Laird’s been cross training more lately and even stand-up paddled and biked from London to Paris via the English Channel. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Laird toe the line in Kona one year – remember he did lead the race start on a paddleboard a few years back.

Garmin just finished a fit/training camp in Boulder a few weeks back. All the riders were fit by our friends at Retul – who are quickly becoming the premiere bicycling fit company in the world. EC recently designed a custom tee for Retul and their friends.
We’re expecting big things with Garmin this year. Now that Christian has showed his true abilities at the tour, he’ll have free reign to finally focus solely on the tour for the first time in his career. Looks like the Americans will be back in France in force this July. Hmm, Lance is back..Tim is headed back to Kona..and, word on the street is that Peter Reid is having serious thoughts on a comeback. Could be a memorable year.