Father's Day and Sharing Your "Ness"


 With Father's Day just around the corner, EC is stoked for the opportunity to celebrate it. Many of us learned our favorite pastimes from our Dad's and we here at EC are honored to help celebrate the importance of having strong and positive role models in our families. 

My Dad wasn't a great swimmer by any means. He grew up a farm boy in Iowa and his swimming experience and knowledge amounted to what he could figure out at the swimming hole on the farm. That didn't stop him however, from spending nearly 15 years learning everything he could about the sport and supporting his boys any way he could.  Waking them up for early morning practices, warming up the car on those cold Iowa mornings, taking splits for every event four boys swam over the course of those years, volunteering for whatever role needed to be filled at swim meets and spending all of his free time supporting and nurturing his boys' passion for water sports.  Yep, that's what it takes.

I've spent my entire life fueling a passion for adventure in the outdoors.  Exploring, traveling, racing...  Now, as I've entered a new era of my life - fatherhood, I don't feel that it necessarily means I have to hang up the goggles.  More so, I think it's even more important to keep my passions burning so I can share them with my children.  And, not just my passions, but the idea of having something you're passionate about.  I don't expect my girls to want to do everything I enjoy or to even appreciate everything I'm teaching them. Not right away.  But, by introducing my joys to them and giving them the tools, maybe some day, they will grab their running shoes and head for the trail-head on their own, or they'll pick up and strum a guitar when I'm not around, or they'll see a mountain top and the need to reach the top will be unbearable. 

To me, one of the most important parts of being a  father is not to change who you are as you enter fatherhood. You spend your entire life creating who you are and doing what you love. One of the best gifts you can share and pass on to your children are those pieces of you that you enjoy the most. You share your favorite movies and your favorite music, so why not your favorite parts of you?! To quote a favorite movie of mine, share your "ness" with them. I try and share a little of my Tony-ness with Summer, Poet and Juniper every day, and that has made all the difference.  (You, Me and Dupree - great movie).

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