Above Category Drops in on Mosaic Cycles

Great write-up about EC Ambassador and Boulder neighbor, Aaron Barcheck and the gang at Mosaic Cycles from the good folks at Above Category

“We don’t make fucking show bikes,” Aaron chided, taking another sip of bourbon."

Aaron Barcheck is the founder and head welder at Mosaic Cycles, one of America’s ever-burgeoning group of custom bicycle framebuilders. Since his start at Dean and UBI education in the early 2000s, Aaron has approached building bikes with not just the passion necessary for success in this far-flung corner of the bike industry, but an entrepreneurial one as well. Welding race frames exclusively out of titanium and steel, he knows this is an uphill battle in a world of carbon wunderbikes and culturally besotted “Show Bikes”, often built as side projects by large non-industry firms or near-hobbyists in garages without real-world capability.

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