Chad Campbell / Kona Surf Film Festival

We're stoked to have so many cool friends in the outdoors industry. Over the past few years we've been lucky enough to call the folks at the Kona Surf Film Festival our friends.  More than that, we've played a part in this amazing festival by providing graphics for the event year after year.

Many of our friends have been to "the show" on the Big Island of Kona, but many probably have never visited for other events.  Every January since 2003 Chad Campbell and his family have been putting together the Kona Surf Film Festival, sharing amazing films, live music, locally created arts and crafts and more, all by like-minded, ocean-loving individuals.  It's well worth an extended weekend to the big island and a chance to expand one's adventure pallet.  

For more about Chad, check out his EC Ambassador page (yep, he's that cool!). Truly a special dude - hip-hop recording artist, Tavarua boatman, surfer, film maker (Surf Film of the Year in 2007), yoga instructor...oh, and his sister, Keli, has her own apparel line as well - Tom Boy Bomb Shell