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Endurance Conspiracy is excited to be producing a line of graphic tees based around the history of American icon, BFGoodrich.  Why you ask?  Well, the short answer is that we were originally attracted to them because of their long history in the bicycle industry. But, once you realize just how intertwined this brand is with Americana, there is a much bigger story to tell. We look forward to sharing more of this incredible brand and it's American heritage with our fans in the future.

Benjamin Franklin Goodrich started as a Union surgeon during the Civil War. After the war, he teamed up with John P. Morris and they invested in the Hudson River Rubber Company. Their first product was a cotton-covered fire hose.  During the 1880's, Goodrich produced a solid band rubber tire for bicycles. In 1890, the pneumatic tire was developed, providing greater cyclist comfort, and the Goodrich company cashed in on the growing popularity of cycling.

In the 1930s, The Schwinn Bicycle Company offered a line of their high end bikes to a few independent dealers in the U.S., among them the B.F. Goodrich auto store chain.  Goodrich was so impressed with the bikes that they eventually partnered with Schwinn on a line of private label bikes. Goodrich remained in the bike business until 1960 when it sold back to Schwinn.

Joe Breeze, one of the originators of the Mountain Bike along with Gary Fisher, Charlie Kelly and Tom Ritchey,  riding his modified 1941 Schwinn B.F. Goodrich in 1973 Marin County, California.  The pre-war Schwinn's were considered the best handling of the old bikes and were ideally suited to this new style of off-road riding with their slack geometry and high bottom bracket.

Although most well known for it's contributions to the car industry, BFGoodrich has made several significant contributions to American manufacturing history.  From fitting Charles Lindbergh's "Spirit of St. Louis" for his inaugural flight across the Atlantic to fitting the Columbia Space Shuttle in the 1970's.  Additionally, BFGoodrich is also credited for introducing the rubber-wound golf ball, the first pressurized space suit and the use of synthetic rubber.  They even had their own line of sneakers - PF Flyer, and were the original producers of the popular Jack Purcell sneakers before selling to Converse.

In 1947, BFGoodrich developed the first tubeless tire in the United States. The tubeless tire eliminate the need for an inner tube, which improves performance and safety, as well as enhanced comfort for the car´s occupants.  BFGoodrich produced the first radial tires in the United States in 1965. This innovation made tires even safer as the radial type tire have longer tread life and permit better absorption of road bumps.  

From a performance standpoint, BFGoodrich has been instrumental in winning everything from the Indianapolis 500 to the Baja 1000.  Their legendary BFG Radial T/A Tire has become the top pick for muscle cars and hot rods because of its long-standing heritage in the automotive aftermarket.

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