What makes ART cool; again?

Art: /ärt/
The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.  Subjects of study primarily concerned with the processes and products of human creativity and social life, such as languages, literature, and history (as contrasted with scientific or technical subjects).

-Tony Deboom hard at "work"

Being a small company we got to thinking; what makes us unique in a world of stamped out images and self proclaimed digital artists?

When you purchase an item from Endurance Conspiracy, you're investing in a unique hand crafted design that comes from our passions in the endurance sports world.  Sure, we race hard, but we rest just as hard too.  When we take our inspiration from the activities we seek and enjoy; we're creating a brand that wholeheartedly pays homage to our roots in competitive triathlon, rich cycling history, running, surf, pop-culture, music and movies.

We also take our impact on the community seriously and strive to create an experience in both our products and customer interactions that are unmatched in the industry.

2016 has been an interesting year of evolving our brand to the trends in the marketplace and staying ahead of the curve.  With an exciting retail channel on Pearl Street in arguably one of the country's top meccas for athletes; we are stoked to showcase our "feel" that many of our loyal and new fans have come to expect.  Stepping into the Boulder store is a little like a "time-warp/vintage/barn find" with eclectic re-purposed fixtures adorned with our own products and those from our good friends at Green Guru and Indosole.  Go ahead..touch our shirts; we dare ya!

-A peak into the EC Boulder store

Secondly; our Custom and Private Label efforts for Key Accounts is really catching some serious speed!  Here are just a few examples to showcase some of the ways in which we flex our skills:

  1. Custom logo and bike graphic design: NDVR Bicycles
  2. Artwork for movies and music: Backcountry Film Festival
  3. Collaborations with high end technical clothing: Giordana Cycling

Lastly; our fans and customers are what make Endurance Conspiracy what it was back in 2009 and what it will continue to be.  You, yes you and your individual adventurous pursuits are what drive us to pedal harder, kick more dirt and chill with the best of them.  So, a mind full of ART; thank you from the EC Team for inspiring us to continue to create.


For the Love of Mud


We were lucky enough to catch the “For the Love of Mud” premiere in Austin, Texas this past weekend during USA Cycling Cyclo-cross Nationals week and it was well worth it. We had the added privilege to sit through the show with the man who wrote, shot and edited the film over a one and a half year period, Mr. Benedict Campbell. To hear comments and back-story from the man himself before and after the showing was an extra bonus. It’s definitely a film that connects with beginners and professionals alike – even if you’ve never done a cx race, the imagery and history of the sport is fascinating. Everyone can identify with what is becoming the fastest growing cycling sport in the US.
Definitely a future cycling cult classic film!

“FOR THE LOVE OF MUD” TEASER-2 from benedict campbell on Vimeo.

Endurance Conspiracy x Kona Surf Film Festival

2014 is Endurance Conspiracy’s 5th year of involvement with the Kona Surf Film Festival. Over that time we’ve met and worked with an amazing group of people and organizations to include: Kona Boys, Kona Brewing Co., Hurley, Tomboy Bombshell, Altres and more. Most importantly, we’ve gotten tight with KSFF founder, surf renaissance man and EC Surf Ambassador, Chad Campbell.

The festival runs on Jan. 30th and 31st, 2015 on the Big Island of Hawaii. The Kona Surf Film Festival showcases independent short and feature films from established and emerging surf filmmakers from around the globe. Here’s art from the past 5 years – if you’re ever in the neighborhood, the festival is well worth a long weekend on the island.




Kona Surf Film Festival SURFER MAG



Rest in Peace – Tom Teesdale

This past week during the annual Ragbrai ride, fellow Iowan and master bike builder, Tom Teesdale, passed away of a heart attack during the ride. Known for his generosity as a builder (donating bikes to students in need) and as one of the original mountain bike master builders (1988 Fisher Mt. Tam – arguably one of the finest mtn bikes of the time). A true artisan. You’ll be missed Tom!

Yoga with Chad

Endurance Conspiracy is excited to add Kona resident, Chad Campbell, to our family of like-minded enthusiasts. We met chad a few years back when he approached EC artist, Tony DeBoom, about making some stuff for the Kona Surf Film Festival.

We couldn’t be more excited to have Chad as a member of the team. Chad is the founder of the Kona Surf Film Festival – which is entering it’s 10th year; founder of Folklore Movie and an award winning film maker – winner of the prestigious Surfer Magazine Video of the Year for his film, 5th Symphony Document; a recording artist and founding member of the hip-hop group Splinta , oh, and at his core…a surfer. Definitely a renaissance man…our kind of guy! Chad will be involved with all things EC on the media/art side…and then some.

You’ll be seeing more of Chad and his influence on the EC site over the next few months. Welcome aboard Chad! We’re stoked!

To get more involved with the Kona Surf Film Festival and it’s 10th Anniversary event this winter, check here.

TDF 100 YR Anniversary Poster On Sale

The Endurance Conspiracy / Tour de France 100 Year Anniversary hand-screened poster is now available at the EC Online Store.
Only 50 Posters were made and hand-signed by EC artist, Tony DeBoom. On sale now for $45.00.

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Backcountry Film Festival in OZ

Endurance Conspiracy is proud to be a sponsor of the Backcountry film festival. The Winter Wildlands Alliance created the Backcountry Film Festival in 2005 to help grassroots and professional filmamakers to show audiences their love of the winter outdoors. Since then, the annual festival has become something of an institution amongst many outdoor communities. EC provided art for their world wide campaign.

The Festival is run by non-for-profit hosts, and in Australia, all funds will support Protect Our Winters and Fiends of the Earth climate campaign.

Sydney, May 20th 6:30pm, 93 Bathurst St, Sydney CBD

Melbourne, May 23rd 7:00pm, 485 Chapel St, South Yarra

New Endurance Conspiracy Poster in Stock

In preparation for the first-ever Cyclo-Cross World Championships on U.S. Soil, we are releasing a new hand-screened poster created by EC artist, Tony DeBoom. Dedicated to not only the 2013 event itself, but also to the history of the sport of cyclo-cross. Each poster will be hand signed by the artist himself.

As a member of 1% for the Planet, EC partners throughout the year with other like-minded organizations who recognize that industry and ecology are inherently connected, and, understanding that the true cost of doing business can be mitigated by a simple pledge to the planet. Therefore, proceeds for this poster will benefit the Kentucky Waterways Alliance – a leader in fighting pollution in Kentucky waterways since 1993. The KWA is winning stronger protections for over 90% of Kentucky’s rivers, lakes and streams – kind of important if you wish to swim and play in them.

Endurance Conspiracy Headed to Agenda Tradeshow

E|C Headed to Agenda Show

This January, E|C is headed to Long Beach, CA to show off our new line…and a few other new items for the Agenda Tradeshow. Agenda is where the most inspiring streetwear and action sports industries unite. Lines speak for themselves and buyers are not intimidated by the usual overwhelming tradeshow experience. A strong emphasis in style, art, music and culture, the Agenda experience is just that…an experience.

Details: Agenda – The Long Beach Edition
Friday – January 4th, 2013 8am-7pm
Saturday – January 5th, 2013 8am-5pm

Where: Long Beach Convention Center
300 E. Ocean Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90802

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